If You Thought You Could Never Afford a Quality Hearing Aid. See Below…

Our Secret:
Because of our buying power we purchase quality Hearing aids that others just can't compete with. We purchase quantity hearing aids from Major Manufacturers.

Our Pricing:
Our hearing aids start as low as $1095.00 each for a 100% digital hearing aid.

Our Instruments:
We only offer Major Brand hearing aids from Major Manufacturers.

Our Service:
We warranty and service all hearing aids we dispense. All Akamai's hearing aids qualify for Health Care Insurance.

Our Guarantee:
We provide 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

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Do you have special requirements?
We can help you to thrive and stay independent.

Afraid you can’t afford high priced hearing aids?

We have several lines of affordable quality hearing aids that start as low as $1095.00. Local service always included.

Can't change batteries do to eye sight or poor dexterity?
There are now models which never need you to change a battery.

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Tired of purchasing new hearing aids?
Our Flex Hearing Aid is for you.
Exclusively offered only at Akamai.

Special financing is available.
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